BitMo V-Switch Mod Kit for most guitar amps

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The BitMo V-Switch amp kit contains parts and instructions and makes your amp much more versatile by adding 3-way switching between different voicings.

These mods should work with any amp that uses a tube preamp with a standard 500k-1M ohm Volume or Gain control. It works particularly well with simple low wattage amps, with or without a Tone control or full Tone Stack (Fender Champ, etc.) You won't lose anything as the middle position of the switch is the stock configuration and voicing of the amp.

Switch position 1 lowers the gain and increases the headroom and provides a "Top Boost Jangle" voicing perfect with your Rickenbacker 12 string for Byrds and Beatles. With a tighter bass and enhanced mid-treble response, it also works wonders for removing the mud from humbucker pickups. If you are a Vox fan, you will love this voicing.

Switch position 3 raises the gain and boost and shifts the mid frequencies down for an overdrive that goes from fat to crunchy to the chocolaty sound of a singing "Tube Screamer".

All voicings are very touch sensitive, going from warm or sparkly clean to full overdrive with lots of interesting shades in between, with various flavors of midrange.

Warnings, etc:
There can be some dangerous voltages in tubes amps so be careful! Always unplug the amp while working on it. You should also use goggles or glasses while soldering. We consider these mods to be easy to moderate. We cannot give you much amp-specific support, but we doubt you will need any – the instructions are very clear.
Skills needed - must­ be able to solder and drill a hole in the metal chassis.
Tools you will need -­ screwdriver, knife, soldering iron, rosin core solder, wire stripper, needle nose pliers, drill and bits.

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