BitMo Spring Reverb Mod Kit for Epiphone Valve Junior Amp

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This Bitmo Spring Reverb kit contains all the parts and instructions necessary to convert an Epiphone Valve Junior head into a stand-alone, 100% tube driven spring reverb unit. You need to plug the new output jack into another guitar amp, mixer or FX loop. The conversion uses the tubes to drive the spring reverb tank and to recover and mix the signals. The speaker output jacks are still functional but the speaker volume will be low and clean. The reverb signal is not mixed in the speaker output. The BitMo Spring Reverb Unit provides classic wet "surf-alicous" reverb. Use your guitar knobs to control guitar tone and level. The output jack contains a unity gain guitar preamp signal and the reverb mix. The LEVEL controls the amount of reverb in the mix, from just a touch to too much.

Recommend tube upgrades:
Standard: One JJ 12AX7 and one medium bias JJ EL84
Creamy Overdrive Distortion: One Tungsol 12AX7 and one low bias JJ EL84
Note: BitMo kits do not include tubes.

Warnings, etc:
There can be some dangerous voltages in tubes amps so be careful! Always unplug the amp while working on it. You should also use goggles or glasses while soldering. I disavow any responsibility for damage, injury or lost hours. The instructions are simple enough for a novice. You experts should be able to figure it out.
Skills needed - must­ be able to solder and drill a hole in the metal chassis.
Tools you will need -­ screwdriver, tiny eyeglass screwdriver, a low-wattage soldering iron, rosin core solder, wire stripper, needle nose pliers, drill and bits, black tape.

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