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Tung-Sol 7581 (6L6GC)

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  • The new Tung-Sol 7581 vacuum tube is an upgraded 6L6GC tube that will provide more headroom than typical 6L6GC tubes. A fantastic choice for your Fender tube amp or any other 6L6 based tube amp where you need to increase headroom a touch.

    From our review: "the Tungsol 7581 tube sounds great. In fixed and cathode biased tube amps, there was no issue with noise or microphonics. The construction over all and the pin finishing looks good. Testing didn't reveal any hot spots in the frequency response, at least none that could be observed by listening. The Tung-Sol 7581 tube has a smooth and balanced sound like we've come to expect from Tung Sol. It reacted well to tone changes generated by the amps and the guitars that were used to test it. Big and snappy, while remaining warm and having good note definition."

    Note: the Tungsol 7581 tube is a 30W rated tube.

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