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JSC Voskhod 6N1P-EB

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  • The Russian 6N1P-EB is a small signal dual triode intended for use as a line level amplifier or driver in high quality audio amplifiers. These tubes are often found relabeled by Sovtek or Svetlana. Except for higher heater current, the 6N1P is similar to 6DJ8, ECC88 or 6922 types and may substitute for these types in some high level audio applications.
    Check with your equipment manufacturer before using this tube as a sub for these types.

    The 6N1P tube is equivalent to the Chinese 6N1 tube.  However we find they cause hum when used in Yaqin tube amps.  For these we suggest you upgrade to a different 6922 tube type.

    Features include very low distortion, medium transconductance, higher plate-voltage and dissipation rating than 6DJ8 types, and larger cathode than 6DJ8 types. This gives it longer life and more transient current capability.

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