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BitMo Tweaky / Spanky Mod Kit - Epiphone Valve Junior

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  • The BitMo Music Company kit mods for the Epiphone Valve Junior celebrate the "less is mo" philosophy of this great little amp. The BitMo Tweaky Mods kit contains the full Spanky kit as described below, plus instructions for 4 alternate configurations – Swanky (Blackface), Yankee (Tweed), Cranky (British high-gain), and Skanky (Over the top!). Also contains suggestions and parts for re-voicing the amp if you plan to replace the output transformer (OT is not included with this kit, but I highly recommend a Hammond 125DSE or similar). Twist this little amp into submission – clean/dirty, bright/dark, etc. The kit contains all the parts for any of these configurations.

    Great 1st kit for novices and budding tweakheads!

    Unlike the other BitMo kits, Spanky adds no additional features, no external knobs or switches, no wires, no drilling and no decals. Nothing but amazing TONE! This is what this amp should have been coming out of the factory - only a BitMo Spanky!

    The idea was to make this amp as good as possible with the minimal number of changed components. The Spanky took the best voicing combinations from the BitMo Trio mods and then tweaked them so the amp works great across the full range of the Volume control.

    This version now includes a new feature that adds an even wider tonal range at the turn of the volume control - now a total of 5 tweakage points!

    First of all, at lower volume settings, the amp now sounds fabulous, clean and sparkly – nothing like the original dull sound. Trolling the Internet EVJ Mod Forums, everyone seems to be ignoring this range of the amp. If you have never heard a well-tuned class A amp putting out thick glassy clean tones, you are in for a real treat! (Think Mark Knopfler)

    Going up to the mid volume levels, you start to get a little hair and a very touch-sensitive over drive, great for the blues and rock. Still very well defined – not like the farty sound, the stock amp puts out. Add a touch of compression and slap-back echo from your pedals and you are in tone-dog heaven. (Ry Cooder, BB King, JJ Cale, Gurf Morlix)

    As you push the volume even higher, you get serious classic rock crunch and then well beyond into mayhem territory. (Stones, Zeplin, Spinal Tap)

    These mods add quite a bit of gain to the amp while at the same time making the clean, lower gain much broader and more useful.

    If you are a novice and have been hankerin’ to get into modding, but were afraid of the complications, this is the kit for you. These mods can be done in under an hour, start to finish. If you are a seasoned tone hound and bought the EVJ as your rehearsal or recording amp, this kit is for you. With the right speaker, it is loud enough to keep up with a sane drummer.

    Note: Spanky mods are compatible with the BitMo Tone control and BitMo Voicing/Gain switch and I include instructions for the integration. This kit is not compatible with the BitMo Duo or Trio kits.

    Recommend tube upgrades:
    Standard: One JJ 12AX7 and one JJ EL84
    Creamy Overdrive Distortion: One Tungsol 12AX7 and one JJ EL84
    Note: BitMo kits do not include tubes.

    Warnings, etc:
    While these mods are very easy to do and reversible, you will void your warranty.
    The kit will work with both Epiphone Valve Junior head or combo (original or updated Version 2 and 3, but V2 or V3 is highly recommended and the instructions and support only cover V2 and V3).
    Tools you will need – screwdriver, soldering iron, solder and needle nosed pliers. There can be some dangerous voltages in tubes amps so be careful!
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